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Cracking the Code
Teaching Keynote and/or Assembly

Unpacking character by comparing and contrasting the secular and biblical worldviews.

Michael has a sincere desire to inspire and encourage others. Borrowing from the Periodic Table of Elements, Michael offers a creative and practical look at elements that make (or break) a person’s character, both core and destructive traits.

If you’re ready to aim the searchlight inward on yourself, then you will cash in on the major benefits as this will even challenge those that may not see a need for improvement.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • What is the real cost of being distracted
  • Who is really in control and why
  • How to live with meaning and purpose
  • Finally ending the cycle of excuses
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Living or Existing?

April 11, 2020

Are you living or existing? How do you know the difference? Have you been chasing something only to find, that thing isn’t the thing that gives you meaning at all? Have you convinced yourself that you are living and by all appearances one could reasonably come to the same conclusion but deep down inside where…

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Warning, this will strike a nerve!

April 3, 2020

A Father, A Dad I am having to talk about this because I have seen closely too many times what happens when a male person; I won’t go as far to call him a man in this instance because of what I am seeing and am troubled with. The fact that there are guys who produce…

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Is there a right response to this pandemic?

April 3, 2020

Saddened but not hopeless I originally wrote this on March 17, 2020 I am struggling with just how to open this message. Trying to find the right words can be difficult in times like this. It is very important to me that I maintain sight of who I am and my core values to inspire and encourage while being…

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