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Living or Existing?

April 11, 2020

Are you living or existing?

How do you know the difference?

Have you been chasing something only to find, that thing isn’t the thing that gives you meaning at all?

Have you convinced yourself that you are living and by all appearances one could reasonably come to the same conclusion but deep down inside where nobody knows and nobody can see or hear your inner most thoughts, you are dying to truly live and be who you are and who you were called to be? Your purpose.

Now let’s not confuse what makes you feel good or warm and fuzzy inside, because all of that is simply noise that surrounds us all everyday.

What I am talking about is when you are all alone and you truly search your soul.

For all I know, you could be existing right now in this very moment and just like that; Bam!, you could be living.

Think about the apostles and how their lives were literally turned upside down and radically transformed for something greater than themselves.

They were fishermen, tax collectors and tent makers who had lives that were ripped from them for something greater. It wasn’t for fame, fortune, comfort or ego.

Now am I suggesting that you drop everything and hit the mission field?

Walk out of your job for some great unknown? Of course not! 

Only you know what is burning deep inside of you. That thing that keeps tugging at you. That thing you know that you cannot walk away from; that’s the thing I’m talking about!

I’m not talking about becoming some great performer or whatever, because that is just the vehicle that allows you the ability to do what you have been called to do. There’s a reason there is more than one person on this planet. Actually more than one reason, but at the core of who we are, we desire connection. And because of that desire to connect, we have this innate need to want to do for others, but we will let the constant barrage of the noise dissuade us and take us off course. 

This is evident by the fact that we have become lovers of ourselves, lovers of money, ungrateful, arrogant, abusive, slanderous, heartless, swollen with conceit and reckless just to name a few.

So what is it going to take for you to go from existing to living?

What will be that point in your life when you say enough is enough and that it’s time to start living?

There is no blueprint, there is no timetable, only you will know when that time has come.

I can tell you for me, that it happened when I surrendered to Christ, but because I have a hard head and I’m not a big fan of suffering, I chose paths of least resistance only to find out that those temporary moments of bliss, turned into longer moments of regret.

Regret that I had wasted so much time existing and not living. So how do you know whether you are living or just existing?

Question, have you traded in the truth of who you were called to be for the lie of who you think you should be?

That’s a frightening thought

To know that you are existing when you should be living

I challenge you to start living your purpose. Let me know if you are struggling with figuring that out.